Sergio Calderón

I Got Your Back

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Joyce Ho

Paintings by Joyce Ho.

Artist painter Joyce Ho paintings

Residential Church XL

Le cabinet Zecc Architects a proposé ce lieu pour le moins insolite. En convertissant une église catholique du 19ème siècle en maison au Pays-Bas, l’intérieur donne un rendu intéressant, tout autour d’une ambiance pensée en collaboration avec l’architecte d’intérieur Thomas Haukes.










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The Shrine

“The Shrine” by Fleet Foxes. It’s amazing to see Stacey Rozich’s illustrations brought to life by Sean Pecknold and Britta Johnson.

The Shrine by Fleet Foxes animation by Sean Pecknold & Britta Johnson

Watch this epic 8-minute animation below!

We love this dude.

We love this dude.


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James Hopkins — Balanced Works

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愛•逆向蔓延 – | 构筑灵感、从观赏艺术开始|

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IdN v18n5: Logographic Issue — Stamps of Authority

A good logo never stands alone — it always acts as the front-runner for a whole identity package. At least, that’s what the experts tell us. And the simpler it is, the more effective it will probably be. It should also be flexible enough to be capable of adaptation to almost any media. These are just a few of the lessons you will learn if you read what our 17 leading logo designers have to say on the subject. And their messages are backed up with bags of visuals demonstrating their own best efforts in this field.

IdN Video v18n5: 8-Bit — Vintage games nostalgics

The software technology known as 8 Bit was responsible for the rapid spread and unprecedented popularity of video games in the ’70s and ’80s. Primitive though they were, those games grabbed the imagination of an entire generation. And now that many of them have grown up to become motion designers, they are summoning up their childhood memories to incorporate aspects of them into their latest digital creations, be they music videos, smartphone games or short movies, thus giving a 30-year-old sub-culture a whole new lease of life.

fuckyeahillustrativeart: Nicholas Di Genova


Nicholas Di Genova


bookspaperscissors: Absolhoot | lost-content


Absolhoot | lost-content



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Acne Paper Invite by Daniel Carlsten

Außergewöhnliche Einladung in Papierform: Der Designer Daniel Carlsten aus Stockholm wurde vom Acne Paper Magazin beauftragt, eine Einladungskarte für die Feier der fünften Ausgabe zu gestalten und ich denke, das ist ihm auf jeden Fall gelungen. Maschinell gestanzt, von Hand gefalzt und mit UV-Lack veredelt. Nice!

six seconds on the Behance Network

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